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    Temat: AVID XPRESS DV V3.0
    many more fast-rendered Industry-leading image and audio quality Avid Unity MediaNet support Uncompressed video option available AVX plug-ins to expand your palette of effects FilmScribe option available for filmmakers Available in...

    Temat: Photoschop dodatki...
    PhotoTune 2.2 PhotoTune 2.2 is an Adobe® Photoshop® plugin that provides professional quality color correction in an easy to use plug-in. PhotoTune 2.2 incorporates ColorTune technology (formerly known as 20/20 Color MD) with its patented color correction process and SkinTune technology, developed after more than two years of in-depth skin color research. PhotoTune 2.2 makes the tedious and time-consuming task of color correction simple and straightforward to improve your post-processing workflow. PASS: krzyskeno Genuine Fractals Print Pro 5 Genuine Fractals 5 Print Pro is the industry standard for image resizing. It is renowned across the photographic and printing industries for its ability to increase image size well over 1000% without the loss of sharpness or detail that you would normally expect. Its patented, fractal ... prints. Its also great for journalists, sports and wildlife photographers who may need to take a cropped section of an image and make a high-quality print from it. Genuine Fractals 5 can even work its magic with digital video still frames "up-rezzing" from standard-definition to high-definition video quality. Graphic designers can end the everyday problem of receiving low resolution images from clients for high resolution print work such as magazine publications or tradeshow and billboard graphics. Genuine Fractals 5 Professional Editions Feature: * Resize images up to 1000% * Control new pixel detail ... 62 document size presets * Save your own custom presets * Supports cropping and resizing in one step * Supports resizing RGB images * Supports resizing grayscale images * Supports resizing CMYK images PASS: krzyskeno Intellihance Pro 4.2 Intellihance Pro 4.2 quickly and dynamically enhances images to make them look their best. Bring several Photoshop dialog boxes into one so you can ... allowing you to easily correct digital images from any source PASS: krzyskeno PhotoFrame 3.1 Professional Edition PhotoFrame 3.1 Professional Edition literally puts you into the digital darkroom. Now it is easy to add realistic film and darkroom edge effects to your images. Why stop at the darkroom? You can add artistic edges like torn paper, brush strokes or even realistic frames and mats you would hang on the wall. Stack multiple edges and frames to create your own unique look. Add the perfect finishing touch to your images with over 4,000 professionally created ... Mask Pro 4.1.2 Mask Pro 4.1 is the premiere, award-winning plug-in for masking in Photoshop. The latest version of Mask Pro 4.1 supports masking 8-bit and 16-bit digital images in both...

    Temat: Newsy urodowe- nowosci Lauder na 2004/2005.
    ... that the makeup brush collection will do about $9 million at retail in its first year." Zdjecie: Poki co, to wszystko o Lauder- w razie nowych info, dorzuce je jeszcze...

    Temat: Chronic Lyme Disease Research Center At Columbia U
    ... connected to Lyme disease and those at risk for tick-borne diseases. Columbia University now houses a premier center which will focus efforts on a definitive Lyme test, chronic Lyme disease, tissue...

    Temat: Niewolnicze stawki imigrantów w Irlandii
    SmallTalk, Visual Basic, Basic, VB Script, SQL, Visual C++ / MFC Computer an Technology Knowledge: Windows, MAC, DOS, Linux, Unix, PDA, OS/2, JavaOS, Hardware, Device drivers, Networking software, Networking hardware, Networking ... Electronic mailing software, Electronic scheduling software, Communication software , CAD software (computer assisted software), 3D graphic software, Image editing software, Project management software, Programming software, HTML editing software, Web site creation ... Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Flash, Shockwave Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Fast-paced environment, Work under pressure, Tight deadlines, Repetitive tasks, Handling heavy loads, Physically demanding, Manual dexterity, Attention to detail, Ability to...



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